Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chelsey and Ryans Wedding

Here is some pictures of Chelsey and Ryan's wedding. Chelsey and I have been friends for about four years, I love her to death she is like my little sister. I was one of her four bride maids. I freaking love the dresses she picked out for us. The wedding was the most beautiful, emotional wedding I have ever been to. I cryed like a baby and I'm not even a cryer. We had so fun, that night was a big hit. I just want to tell the Faveros that I love them. They have taught me so much in my life. I hope I can always be a part of the family.
Lincoln and his little bow tie. He freaking loves weddings!
Best Buddies! What a beautiful bride.
My little family. Lincoln was being the biggest cheese ball ever, I think its because of the bow tie.
Lincoln and Elley (Chance and Lindsey Favero's little girl) there boy friend and girl friend. Don't worry Lindsey, Lincoln will treat her good one day.

Family Hike

Here is my crazy family. We went up to my parents happy house (the cabin) for the weekend and decided to go hiking. There is this way beautiful canyon just up the road thats full of waterfalls. I love being outside. It was so beautiful the water, trees, mountains, animals and family. What more could a girl ask for?Right here is Me, Linc and Halleigh. We didn't come prepared for the hike so I just zipped Lincoln up in my jacket and he just held on. He loved it so much. It actually worked so good. Way to go mom, your the smartest mom ever!
Here is all the lumps on logs best known as my family.
Okay these boys are so crazy that water was ice cold. They didn't care they just wanted to see how long they could stay under there. They call this the polar bear. There real men!
Dallas, David, Dad and Butch

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lincoln Up Date

So I can't believe how Lincoln has grown up. He is seven months old. I feel like he was born yesterday. Dallas and I could not love any thing more then Linc. We are so obsessed with him. He is the best baby in the world. He has slept through the night ever since we had him and he never ever crys. He loves to be outside, take baths, food, swimming, reading with dad, being with mom all day and he especially loves his brother and sisters (Sam, Crystal, Gracie and Stella) our dogs. He is obsessed with animals like his mom and Dad. We think lincoln is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. Your doing so good. We love you buddy!I love food!
This is why we decided to cut his hair.
Linc's 1st hair cut (yeah mom was sad)
Thanks mom I love my hair!

Nana and Papa's Happy House

This is my parents cabin in Wyoming where we spend a lot of our free time up there. I think it is so cute the grandkids call it Nana and Papa's Happy House. We went up there as a family a
couple of weeks ago. Its so fun to go up there and just relax. We floated the river, went four wheeling, cooked amazing meals, got in the hot tub, painted fingernails, we had a huge kareoke jam (so funny), rode horses, played games and just watched movies. We have so fun when we are all together. My family is so crazy. Here are some pictures.Here is the kareoke jam. The rules were that every couple had to sing a song. Then it was open mike for who ever. It was so funny because we all sucked so bad, then Missy got up and had a voice of a angel. Dallas and I sang "Brick House"(it was bad). Even though we lacked in the singing department Dallas made up for us with his dance moves. This picture is David and Tom singing some country and using the guitar hero guitars as there props. Good idea guys.
Lincoln and Daddy Just chillen. Lincoln loves the happy house so much.
Me and Dallas just doing a little off roading.
Getting ready to go float the river with my Dad, Maggie and Halleigh.